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Do you need an attorney for a matter regarding elder law, a guardianship, estate planning, or a probate? These are serious matters. To resolve them you need wise, experienced legal counsel. You need an attorney who knows these matters inside and out, who can personally relate to you and has a proven track record of commitment to justice and the betterment of his community.




Thomas A. Collins is that attorney. Not only has he had over 30 years of experience practicing in these areas of the law and a history of service in numerous professional associations, he has had personal life experiences that require this kind of legal attention. He's experienced the loss of close family members due to both sudden death and long-term illness. He personally knows the difficulties of not only losing loved ones but of all the decisions that come along with such circumstances. He has dealt with both the physical and mental incapacitation of family members; therefore, he can personally relate to the planning process to prepare for loss as well as carrying out one's wishes after passing away. Please browse this site, get to know Thomas A. Collins, then contact him to see how he can help.


"You can put your trust in Thom Collins, which is exactly

what you want with your attorney."  -- Kramer McIntosh

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